In the beginning...there was Patrick...

Our 'Sir' Patrick, CROWLEE ROYAL FLUSH C.D.X. aged 2 years.


In June of 1994, I brought home my first Golden Retriever baby, Patrick.  Paddy was a devil of a puppy, a bit reminiscent of 'Marley' in the book/film ''Marley and Me'!  My brother, who is now a Police Sargent, was at Police Academy at the time, and Paddy ate his training uniform off the line!  He didn't just pull it down- he shredded it!  He also ate Heath's 501 jeans and many of my Mother's clothes, as well as my own!  At the same time, though, he was an incredibly bright puppy.  The week after I started Dog Obedience classes at Morwell, Paddy competed in the Puppy Class, and came second out of over 20 dogs, but he wasn't allowed to go up a class, because he was only 4 months old!  At the following graduation, aged 6 months, he won the class, and continued that success at Warragul Obedience Club, and later in competitive Obedience trials.  He was a trial winner, and a consistent place-getter, and it was always a pleasure to trial him.  He also settled down into the most dignified, beautifully behaved dog.  Unless he knew that I had taken one of the younger dogs out somewhere without him, in which case I usually returned to find he had destroyed his bedding, in 'revenge'!  Aged 6, I enrolled him in 'Animal Actors' classes, and he was soon excelling at those, too.  He ended up a 4 star animal actor, and worked in film and t.v work.  He was the face of Safeway Homebrand and 'Fabulous' dog food tins for years.  Around this time, I also became involved with The Responsible Pet Ownership Program Of Vic, and Patrick was my first Pet Education dog, visiting Kinders and schools, to talk to parents and children about responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs.  Patrick loved this vocation.  He adored children, and seemed to gravitate towards people with disabilities.  Children with disabilities recieved extra-special attention.  Patrick had a lovely retirement, and was healthy until a suspected stroke, aged around 14 years, after which he developed epilepsy.  He passed away on my Wedding anniversary, on 25/01/2010, aged almost 16 years.  I miss him every day.  I loved him dearly, and will treasure the time spent with him, forever...

I love you, my darling Paddy McDog.

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Rohan Elliott | Reply 02.04.2013 21.46

Hi Kellie, thought you might like to know that Jack is thriving, as is Mum Paddington who just turned 10. Both a pleasure to have in the family. Thanks, Rohan.

Kelly Arndt 03.04.2013 13.21

Hi Rohan, How amazing to think Paddington is 10! We'd love a pic or two of both her and Jack when you can! Glad to hear they are treasured family members!XOX!

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Today | 17:26

So sorry for the slow response, we have no babies planned for some time, you would be best searching on the Dogzonline website if you are still looking- Kelly.

Today | 17:25

Hi, Sorry, we have no plans for any more Frenchie babies for the foreseeable future.
Try the Dogzonline website, it is the best Pedigree site to search.

02.01 | 17:45

Hi I am looking to see if you have any french bulldog puppies? If so, Can i meet the mother and father? When is the next litter available?

28.11 | 16:11

My son & I are looking for a Short Coat Female Chihuahua puppy?
Do you have any available at the moment?

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